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  FOR SALE: Lido 14 parts and more

DoubleWave is the leading independent supplier of Lido 14 parts, accessories, sails, and information.  No other vendor offers the depth of knowledge or the range of products and services for the Lido 14 - usually at the best prices too.

  • Specialist in both classic and 6000 series Lido 14s
  • Rigging - shrouds, forestay, halyards, etc.
  • Spars - new masts and booms
  • Accessories - covers, sails, whisker poles and more.
  • Call or email for details


(949) 466-0888 (cell)


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12/5/2014 FOR SALE: 1972 Lido #3723
  • In the water on Balboa Island (Newport Beach, CA) at the south end of Diamond Avenue
  • No trailer
  • Newer rigging
  • Newer rudder
  • Centerboard refurbished
  • 2 paddles
  • 4 life jackets



(714) 815 6405



11/18/2014 FOR SALE: 1968 Lido 14 and trailer
  • Lido is in good sailable condition.
  • Interior is nice and clean along with the hull.
  • Newer rudder and tiller.
  • Trailer has all new lights and tires.
  • Ready to sail!
  • Located in Newport Beach, CA




(949) 232-7838

10/30/2014 FOR SALE: 1964 Lido 14 #1885 with Trailer
  • Ready to Sail
  • Original Mahogany Rudder
  • New fairleads
  • Two sets of sails & 150% Genoa
  • Paddle
  • Life vest
  • Cover
  • 2015 DMV Registration
  • Located in the water, Alamitos Bay, CA
  • $1,200



(949) 300-2997


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10/9/2014 FOR SALE: 2005 Lido 14 #6256 with trailer
  • Race ready now!
  • One owner – no partnerships
  • Great race performer – many wins
  • One set of Ullman race sails - Main and Jib in really good condition
  • Whisker pole
  • Lifting sling
  • Tiller extension
  • Bright yellow hull so you can see who’s who!
  • Sunbrella cover in good shape
  • Tuned for racing – this boat trophied out of the mold with no drama!
  • 2005 Zieman galvanized trailer purchased with boat. The trailer has never been in water.
  • Located in Irvine CA
  • $4800 negotiable  -  for boat and trailer




(714) 809-9249



10/9/2014 FOR SALE: 1964 Lido 14 with Trailer
  • Ready to sail
  • Trailer has brand new lights and wiring
  • Up to date DMV registration for both trailer and boat
  • Located in Newport Beach, CA
  • $799



(949) 232-7838


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9/24/2014 WANTED: Classic Lido 14 Bow Plate
  • I am looking for the original version that doesn't wrap around the bow and rub rail.


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9/24/2014 WANTED: Classic Lido 14 Gooseneck Slide






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9/4/2014 FOR SALE: 1959 Lido 14 #326 with Trailer
  • Fun classic is ready for the water
  • Spent many summers on lakes - no ocean sailing.
  • All equipment and rigging in good condition
  • Two sets of sails in original mesh bags.
  • Fiberglass is in great shape; minor patches to the hull were made before we bought it.
  • Drain plug is in the bottom of the hull [ed. as was standard in 1959]
  • Current registration through 2015
  • Includes original measurement and registration certificate from 1961 L14 Association
  • Beautiful rudder has some chew marks from a local beaver at Big Bear Lake. They add character, but don't effect sailing
  • Trailer is in good shape with minimal rust and new lights and wiring, new tires and bearing buddies
  • Located in San Luis Obispo, CA
  • $900




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9/4/2014 FOR SALE: 1972 Lido 14 sailboat with Trailer
  • Great condition and ready to sail
  • Brand new aluminum tiller and tiller extension ($190).
  • Hull, mast and rigging in good condition
  • Always lightly used in Mission Bay
  • Registration is current on both the boat and trailer; the trailer has permanent (PTI) license plates.
  • The trailer tires, lights and wiring were replaced about 1yr
  • Trailer requires a 1 7/8inch ball
  • Located Newport Beach, CA
  • $1100



Call or text (949) 232-7838



8/26/2014 WANTED: Lido 14 Sails
  • Our 1961 Lido 14 has been in the family since day one and so have the sails. I'm not racing it just teaching my kids how to sail as I was taught on a Lido 14. Just need sails that are newer and in better shape than my current 1961 rags.




Chagen (at) to @


8/22/2014 FOR SALE: 1961 Lido 14 #932 with Trailer
  • This boat is ready to sail
  • Two sets of sails in good condition
  • Ullman, stiffer sails with sail bag
  • Baker & Schock, light blue and light weight with sail bag
  • Trailer with custom pads, mast support, winch and removable light bar (turn signal/brake lights)
  • Centerboard trunk stiffening braces
  • Original Mahogany kick up rudder and hardware
  • Tiller extension (hiking bar)
  • Hiking strap
  • 4 Adult life preservers
  • Paddle
  • Lift harness for yacht club crane launches
  • Boat cover can be used with the mast up or down
  • All equipment and rigging in good condition
  • Extra parts
  • Registered for 2015
  • California permanent trailer registration


  • Flaws -
  • Trailer has surface rust but works well (nobody will steal it)
  • Some gel coat scratches on hull
  • Woodwork needs a good coat of varnish
  • Minor spider cracks on seats


  • $2500
  • Boat located in Tustin, CA

(714) 981-3131 (cell)


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8/13/2014 FOR SALE: Lido 14
  • $750
  • Located in Long Beach, CA

(714) 914-5211

8/4/2014 FOR SALE: 1973 Lido 14 with trailer
  • 2 sets of sails
  •          1 - Ullman in great condition
  •          1 - set for cruising around
  • Whisker pole
  • Hiking straps
  • Cover for mast up storage
  • Current registration through 2015
  • Mast supports for trailering
  • All wood in good condition
  • Some scratches in paint, fiberglass in good condition
  • Some areas of paint peeling on the floor of the cockpit
  • Located Sherman Oaks, CA
  •  $2700



(818) 860-9748
7/24/2014 FOR SALE: 1958 Lido 14 #110 with Trailer
  • Boat and Ullman sails in good condition
  • 2006 galvanized EZ Loader trailer & 2 spare tires
  • New shroud rigging
  • Newer jib cleat and traveler tracks
  • Large bow floatation bag
  • Mahogany rudder
  • Boat is ready to sail
  • Trailer is registered in NV
  • Boat is not registered (not required in NV)
  • Located in Santa Cruz, CA



(775) 560-8779 (cell)

6/27/2014 FOR SALE: Lido 14 #2660 with Trailer
  • The hull is super clean with no scratches or abrasions. I purchased this boat because she needed no restoration. She is not set up for racing.
  • Hiking straps
  • Centerboard trunk stiffening braces
  • One suit of sails
  • Whisker pole
  • Compass
  • Paddle
  • Three life vests (XL size)
  • Boat cover
  • The trailer is an original WD Schock Corp. Lido 14 trailer with Lido 14 bunks.  The chassis has minimal rust, new electrical wiring, bearing buddies, new spare tire (mounted to trailer)
  • Trailer dolly
  • Mast supports for trailering
  • Current DMV registration
  • $1500 (cash only)
  • In addition I have a new Honda 2 HP 4 stroke long shaft motor (only five hours use) with a stand and an ICOM VHF MARINE TRANSCEIVER IC-M34 with 30 minutes usage. It is submersible and floats. $2400 for all.
  • Will consider a trade for two Hobie Mirage drive Kayaks in good condition.
  • Located in Fullerton, CA

(714) 608-5629

6/24/2014 FOR SALE: Classic Lido 14 Fiberglass centerboard
  • In good condition
  • A couple nicks shown in photo
  • Pick up only
  • Located in Glendale, CA
  • $200





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6/23/2014 WANTED: Used sails for  a Lido 14
  • Looking for sails in good condition
  • I am located in Washington state
  • Will pay to ship




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6/20/2014 SOLD: 1961 Lido 14
  • Comes with cover and Seitech sand dolly.  No street trailer.
  • Stored on dolly on private beach in Newport Beach, California
  • Has all parts, ready to sail!
  • Current registration through 2015
  • $800 obo



6/20/2014 WANTED: Lido 14 in Indianapolis (and beyond) area
  • I am looking for a good daysailor for our family and the Lido looks perfect.  I grew up sailing Thistles...
  • I live in Indianapolis, IN and willing to travel 200-300 miles to find one... would like one fully equipped and in good shape... we won't be racing, just cruising with the family...

(317) 372-2074




6/5/2014 WANTED: Lightly used Lido 14 racing sails
  • Looking for both main and jib
  • Ullman or Quantum brand

(541) 231-5680

mmitev62 (at)

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6/4/2014 FOR SALE: 1976 Lido 14 Sailboat with Trailer
  • I've owned the boat for a couple of years. My son and I had plans to learn how to sail but he moved away so no reason to let it sit unused
  • Little Dude Trailer with upgrade to carry mast
  • Sails and various and sundry items (paddle, floatation vests and fenders) included
  • Registered through 2015
  • Located in Santa Rosa, CA
  • Asking $1150. Will consider any reasonable offer

(707) 236-2814

5/18/2014 FOR SALE: 1966 Lido 14 Hull # 2572 with Trailer
  • Outfitted with everything needed to day sail safely.  Ready to sail now.
  • New wood centerboard
  • New wood rudder
  • Seats reinforced w/ new fiberglass
  • Re-finished inside and out
  • Sails are in good condition
  • Whisker pole
  • Bow flotation tank
  • California permanent trailer registration.  Boat tags for 2014
  • Trailer has bearing buddies, new tires
  • Removable trailer light system
  • Located in Beaumont, CA
  • Will deliver in So. Cal
  • $1250 Or Best Offer




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5/9/2014 FOR SALE: 1979 Lido 14 #4510 with Trailer
  • Sound, well maintained, classic Lido 14 that is ready to launch and sail
  • 2013 DMV registration, pink slip and CF number
  • Well documented history
  • Custom cover from Kenz Canvas in San Diego - 2013
  • Good trailer, with Bearing Buddies, new tires, spare tire and light bar
  • Almost new condition Sobstad sails
  • New standing rigging and stainless steel bow tang from Double Wave
  • Tiller, rudder, center board and running rigging all in very good condition
  • New hoist sling
  • Danforth anchor
  • Richie compass
  • Mast top wind vane
  • Whisker pole
  • Boat hook
  • Paddle
  • Located at Mission Bay Yacht Club, San Diego
  • $2000 fixed price, cash, face-to-face deal



(619) 990-0312


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4/28/2014 SOLD: 1983 Lido 14 #4900 with Trailer
  • Ready to Race
  • 2 sets of Sails (one crispy and one bag like for cruising around in light winds)
  • Tack-Tic Micro Compass
  • New Shrouds
  • 2 Whisker poles
  • Hiking strap
  • Extra Tiller
  • Box of extra "stuff" too much to list (see photos)
  • California permanent trailer registration
  • Trailer not pretty, but gets the job done
  • Removable trailer light system
  • Located in Carlsbad, CA


4/26/2014 SOLD: Lido 14 #5051 "Just in Time" With Trailer

This exceptional Lido 14 sailboat is for sale.

After twenty four years of successful Lido sailing, I must sell my well maintained boat. During this time, I have won innumerable regattas, Fleet Championships, and three times have been runner up in the Class Championships. The boat is in immaculate condition and is ready to sail and race at the highest levels of the Class. The boat comes with many excellent accessories which includes the following:

  • Two sets of racing sails: nearly new Quantums and used Ullman.
  • A Dave Carroll Centerboard
  • Two competitive Rudders which I made
  • Race ready rigging and hardware
  • A road ready trailer and light bar.
  • Cover, and lots of miscellaneous parts and piece
  • $4800
  • Located in Newport Beach, CA


4/1/2014 FOR SALE: 1960's Lido 14 with Trailer
  • Excellent condition
  • Solid boat, needs nothing. Ready to race.
  • Sails good
  • Total refit 2013, new transom, knees, standing & running rigging, fiberglass, paint & nonskid
  • Trailer has new lights and bearings
  • 8 foot Oars & oarlocks (removable)
  • 2013 Garmin GPSMAP 78sc plotter
  • Located in New Orleans, LA
  • $1500

(504) 343-6250


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12/4/2013 FOR SALE: 2006 Lido 14 #6297 with trailer
  • Race ready today!
  • One owner
  • Purchased and maintained by John at DoubleWave
  • One set of practice Ullman sails (old race sails)
  • One set of race Ullman race sails (Jib in great shape, Main in good shape)
  • Upgraded out-haul, boom, traveler, hiking straps and centerboard head.
  • Whisker Pole Storage Tube
  • Whisker pole
  • Lifting sling
  • Bow line
  • Yes the previous line was a joke
  • Tiller extension
  • Sunbrella cover in good shape
  • Measurement Certificate (see photos) - 2.5lbs over minimum weight
  • New shrouds and tuned up by DoubleWave before this year Championships
  • Qualified for Gold Fleet at this year’s championships with skipper and crew 100lbs over ideal weight.
  • 2006 Pacific galvanized trailer purchased with boat. The trailer has only been in fresh water at Huntington Lake, Big Bear and Lake Skinner. Has never been in salt water.
  • Yes, the picture on is the same boat.
  • Located in Newport Beach, CA
  • $5300 for boat and trailer

(714) 488-9811


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11/16/2013 FOR SALE: 1969 Lido 14 #3181 with Trailer
  • Fair condition but solid
  • Boom mount upgrade
  • Includes original sails, all hardware, manual
  • Trailer has newer tires and bearings
  • Spare tire for trailer
  • Original rubber mast cradles for transport
  • Current tags
  • Located in Central California (midway between Bakersfield and Fresno)
  • $700 obo




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11/6/2013 WANTED: Storage for Lido14 in or close to the Belmont Shore area of Long Beach (CA90803).

Having been introduced to this noble class of racing dinghy this last year I am eager to now buy a boat of my own.  Unfortunately I live in an apartment and there is nowhere to store a boat on the property.  Also as an impecunious pensioner I can't really afford the membership and on-site storage fees at my local sailing club (ABYC).  Therefore if there is a suitably philanthropic Lido 14 enthusiast out there who would be willing to help me resolve my dilemma I would be happy to hear from them.  [I will then be in a position to look more positively at the Boats for Sale!!]





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9/15/2013 FOR SALE: 1976 Lido 14 #4209 with Trailer & Dolly
  • Boat and trailer in very good condition and ready for use
  • Hybrid trailer/boat dolly made of galvanized steel
  • Main and jib sails, with windows, in very good condition
  • Extra jib
  • 2 boat covers: one for mast up and the other for mast down
  • Complete mast cover (with zipper)
  • Covers made with Sunbrella cloth
  • All rigging, hardware, lines and sheets in very good condition
  • Fiberglass Rudder and Centerboard (with canvas cover)
  • Tiller extension
  • Whisker pole
  • Tilt-up galvanized trailer in excellent condition with all new bunks, pads, stainless steel hardware, lights and wiring.
  • Side loading guides
  • Trailer modified to convert to a boat dolly with a push/pull handle in front and a second wheel axle in back
  • Optional 2 new balloon type tires for sandy beach launching
  • Current boat and trailer registrations
  • Located in Orange County CA
  • $2200

(714) 383-1139


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9/12/2013 FOR SALE: Lido 14 #3328 with trailer
  • Beautiful and nicely equipped Lido 14. Great daysailer or join our active and competitive one-design racing class.
  • Has all new standing and running rigging, and comes with the factory bow flotation tank, for extra buoyancy.
  • Has a fiberglass rudder and centerboard, both in good condition.
  • The sails are in good shape (no tears)
  • Looks and sails great!

    Many of the “recommended” upgrades are also already done, including:
  • Centerboard trunk braces
  • Vang block installed forward of the centerboard trunk for boom vang attachment
  • Hiking straps
  • Fixed position jib cleats/fairleads
  • Also includes a nice riding trailer, with a built-in mast crutch a good tires.
  • Located in Rancho Cucamonga, CA, but I will deliver to anywhere in the LA area if you’re interested.
  • Just email or text if you have any questions, or if you want additional pictures
  • Reduced to $850!

(909) 214-4238


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8/27/2013 FOR SALE: 1981 Lido 14 #4813 with Trailer
  • In excellent condition
  • Dry stored in my garage
  • Boat and trailer paperwork are in good order
  • Sails are in good condition
  • Trailer has been painted, has new lights and tires
  • Whisker pole
  • Paddles
  • Located in Las Vegas, NV area
  • Can deliver
  • $1800


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8/24/2013 FOR SALE: 1958 Lido 14 #158 with Trailer
  • $1,000
  • Located in Salem, OR

Call or Text  Message


8/15/2013 WANTED: Lido 14 with Trailer
  • I live in the central valley of California.  I am looking to buy a fully functioning used Lido 14 that is in average to good condition and is ready to sail without adding rigging or equipment.  It needs to have a working trailer with good bearings and tires.
  • I am willing to pick up the boat if it is within a 200 mile radius.


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7/14//2012 FOR SALE: Two (2) Lido 14 boats for sale, No Trailer(s) included 
  • Boat #1 (shown on trailer) is 1996 Lido 14 #6020
  • Boat #2 (shown leaning) is 1996 Lido 14 #6016
  • Both are in fair/good shape
  • Extras include:
  • 4 sets of sails (2 extra sets) All appear to be Pineapple brand
  • 1 extra mast 
  • 1 extra boom 
  • 1 extra rudder (parts) 
  • 2 extra centerboards 
  • Boats are located in Reno, NV
  • You must arrange your own shipping/pickup
  • $2300 for everything

(775) 690-8069 (cell)


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6/6/2013 FOR SALE: 1968 Lido 14 with Trailer
  • Boat is in very "sailable" condition.  Ready to be launched today!
  • The trailer has never been in salt water!
  • Both boat and trailer have current California licenses
  • Complete with sails, lines, and all other gear necessary to sail
  • Located in Northern California
  • $1200

(530) 842-0812


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6/4/2013 WANTED: Used Lido 14 sails
  • Either racing or cruising sails - in respectable condition.
  • I'm in Brier, WA

(425) 772-2701


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5/14/2013 WANTED: Lido 14 Sails
  • My name is Nestor Talavera from Puerto Rico.  I am looking for one sail set for my classic (1990) Lido 14

(787) 923-6061


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4/24/2013 FOR SALE: 1969 Lido 14 #3328 with Trailer
  • Life style change - I now sail a 25' keel boat so it's time time to sell my Lido 14 boats.
  • Good condition - Ready to RACE!
  • Tilt-up trailer with extra tire - recently rewired and painted
  • Current CA registration on boat and trailer
  • Hiking Straps
  • New rigging
  • Lifting sling
  • Whisker pole
  • New Jib Cleats
  • Fiberglass Rudder and Centerboard
  • 2 sets of sails (1 older and 1 BRAND NEW Ullman racing set used only once)
  • Located Fresno, CA
  • $1700 or purchase with Lido 14 #329 (see my other ad) for a total of $2000

(559) 435-9465


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4/24/2013 FOR SALE: 1959 Lido 14 #329  with Trailer
  • Life style change - I now sail a 25' keel boat so it's time time to sell my Lido 14 boats.
  • Almost Ready to sail
  • Hull in Good condition, Rigging needs work
  • Trailer in good condition - recently rewired and painted
  • 1 set of sails in OK  to good condition
  • Original wooden centerboard needs sanding and varnish and original  rudder/tiller
  • Located Fresno, CA
  • $700 or purchase with Lido 14 #3328 (see my other ad) for a total of $2000

(559) 435-9465


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4/7/2013 WANTED: Classic Lido 14 Rudder Assembly William


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4/2/2013 WANTED: Lido 14 for club racing and day sailing
  • Looking for a solid boat in good condition
  • Northeast Ohio

(330) 645-6720 


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11/5/2012 WANTED: Used Lido 14 Cover in good condition Ryan

(949) 413-6691

10/3/2012 FOR SALE: 1975 Lido 14 with trailer

This boat has been in the water fewer than a dozen times since new.

The boat is overall very good but has slight damage from the mast not being secured when the boat was trailered at some point in the past (see picture)

  • Brand new sails
  • New tiller
  • A few other new bits
  • Trailer is in good condition
  • Must sell
  • Located outside of Portland, OR
  • $2500 or best offer




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10/2/2012 WANTED: Set of Lido 14 racing sails
  • Must be in good shape and max 1-2 years old
  • So. California



(562) 533-5146


9/10/2012 WANTED: Lido 14 for racing with trailer
  • Prefer a ready to sail or close to ready with some light work.
  • Please no project boats.
  • Southern California

(949) 722-8920


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7/11/2012 FOR SALE: 1974 Lido 14 #4019 with Trailer
  • Boat is ready to sail
  • Original owner
  • New trailer with spare tire
  • 1993 2.5HP Nissan Outboard Motor
  • Full set of sails
  • Two tillers and rudders
  • Bumpers, whisker pole, tools
  • Current CA registration
  • Located in San Carlos, CA (San Francisco Bay area)
  • $1600


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7/1/2012 FOR SALE: Lido 14 #1835 with Trailer
  • Everything to sail is there and works
  • New Harken jib cleats (still have the originals too).
  • Boom mount upgrade
  • 2 main sails (one is fair cond. the other is the original sail and needs new bolt rope)
  • 2 jibs in fair shape (has sheets)
  • New mahogany rudder (2 unfinished rudders -1 mahogany/ 1 teak)
  • Registered to 2013
  • Trailer has new tail lights
  • If you intend to race this boat it will need the typical upgrades for a boat of this age, but it is ready to sail right now. I sailed last recently and it sailed fine. 
  • Located approx. 20 miles north of Valencia, CA (40 miles from San Fernando Valley)
  • $900


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4/28/2012 FOR SALE:  1966? Lido 14 with Trailer
  • Full restoration summer of 2010
  • This boat is ready to sail and needs nothing except a good owner.
  • Lots is new including winch, shrouds, sheet lines etc. etc.
  • Every nut, bolt and screw has been gone through and/or meticulously replaced with the correct stainless or alloy type.
  • EZ Loader trailer is the adjustable type with a new hub on one side, bearing buddies, LED lights and matching spare.
  • Sails are not new but are in good shape.
  • Come and get it!
  • $2500 OBO or possible trade. What have you got?
  • Portland, OR

(503) 319-2029

6/42012 FOR SALE: 1960s? Lido 14
  • Not entirely certain on boat's age.  I last sailed her only a month or so ago; she is in fine shape.  She is sitting on a painted trailer that is in fair condition.
  • I have epoxied the transom
  • Refinished the rudder, tiller, and CB trunk cap
  • Two sets of sails
  • Spare, new, set of shrouds
  • Homemade (not by me, came with when I bought her) whisker pole.
  • California Registration is current
  • $1200
  • I am in Vacaville.  Boat is stored inside in Suisun City




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4/3/2012 FOR SALE: 1975 Lido 14 #4115 with trailer
  • Excellent condition and race ready
  • Lido 14 Class Association Official Certification of Measurement and Registration.
  • Weighs in at 316 pounds
  • Two sets of sails (One set is Pineapple brand cruising, other is Mylar)
  • Fiberglass center board and rudder
  • Whisker pole
  • Cover
  • Variety of hardware upgrades including Battlestick tiller extension, 6000 series gooseneck, Harken and Ronstan cleats, etc.
  • Newer mast and boom
  • Good working and licensed Calkins trailer
  • Located Washougal WA
  • $3900



(360) 953-7484


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3/24/2012 FOR SALE: ~1965 Lido 14 sailboat #2865  with trailer
  • Transom replaced
  • Repainted the interior
  • Most of the running rigging replaced - new halyards and mainsheet
  • New stays
  • Laser boom vang
  • Updated outhaul
  • Older Ullman brand sails in good condition
  • The wood centerboard & rudder are in good condition
  • Like new tiller with tiller extension
  • Boat comes with the original trailer which has been repainted.  I have the title for the trailer.
  • The hull could use a good polishing and some wax
  • Located Portland, OR area
  • Asking $1000



(360) 713-4937




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